Changing your shower head

How Much Water is my Shower Using?

One simple test is to place a bucket under your shower for 20 seconds. Measure how much water is in the bucket after 20 seconds under normal shower flow.
Multiply that by 3 (1 minute) and by the number of minutes the shower is used per day.
If your shower is using more than 9 litres a minute changing your shower head is recommended.

Purchasing an effective shower head

A three star showerhead uses 9 litres a minute or less refer to water rating




Your family's annual water savings can be up to 44 or 63 kilolitres 43% 62%
Your family's annual energy savings can be up to 2,100 or 3000 KWh 43% 62%
Your family's annual money savings can be up to: $375 $535

Shower Head

Shower Head Comparison

Marine Centre leads the way with education on water savings

In Adelaide the Marine Centre located at Star of the Sea Primary School Henley Beach specialises in marine education for primary school aged children.

One of their models pictured to the right teaches children about the difference between a conventional shower head and a AAA rated one. It does it in a graphical way that indicates just how much water is wasted.

The demonstration takes a minute and used to get the students to encourage their Mums and Dads to be water wise and get the right shower heads.